Push to Talk (PTT) and
Productivity Suite for Your
Frontline Workforce.

Drive Productivity, Engagement and Communication for Non-desk Workforce. Communicate with team via ultrafast and reliable Push-to-Talk (PTT). Easy to use, reliable and scalable like no other.

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Swift and Reliable Communication with Your FieldForce with NuovoTeam Push-To-Talk App

Software based Push-to-talk (PTT) app replicates Physical Walkie Talkie experience. With a push of a single button you can do one-to-many mobile voice communication without ringing or dialing steps as seen in the regular phone call.

Instant Push-to-Talk (PTT) communication

Communicate with your team via lightning fast Push-to-talk (PTT) Mobile app over Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Use any device across any network

You can use a wide range of smartphones (Android Phones or iPhones), rugged devices or custom/purpose-built devices.

Location Tracking

With our privacy focused location tracking you can locate users in the field in real-time.

Communication history

See all the past PTT communications and voice messages.

Corporate Directory

Consolidate all your employee information in one place. Manually add contacts one at a time or in bulk by uploading a CSV of user information. Quickly check out users belonging to your organization. Search users by name, username, email and phone number.

Contact List
Pre-Approved Users
User Management

NuovoTeam’s Command and Control Centre

NuovoTeam’s intuitive dashboard acts as your command and control center that gives you the birds eye view across your devices, location of your field force and communication that is happening within your organization.

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Track Employee Productivity

Understand which employees are working on which tasks, closely track employee location, know real-time updates of task completion and measure the productive hours put in by your workforce.

Closed Channel

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Facilitate Team Communication with Channels

Facilitate organization-wide communication with NuovoTeam channels. Create public or private channels to help teams collaborate. Share company-wide updates and usher in group communication with Newsfeed. Pave way for effective crisis communication with broadcast channels.

News Feed
Broadcast Channels
Public & Private Channels

Simplify Employee Communication

Easily communicate the right content at the right time to every single employee. Leverage NuovoTeam to enhance your day-to-day business communication from instant messaging, VoIP calling to video calling and secure file transfer.

Chat & Video Call
VOIP Calls
File Exchange

Enhanced Monitoring and Reporting with Insights

Keep a close eye on your employee productivity and communication. Generate quick reports for work hours and location. Enable role-based access to NuovoTeam dashboard and invite your team to tool management.

Integration With Scalefusion MDM

NuovoTeam seamlessly integrates with Scalefusion MDM to provide best in class Device Management experience. Scalefusion will enable you to secure and manage your corporate-owned and employee-owned (BYOD) devices.

NuovoTeam provides a one touch sign in experience on NuovoTeam mobile apps running on the devices managed by Scalefusion MDM.

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