Corporate Directory

Consolidate all your employee information in one place.Leverage the best contact management software along with an all-in-one employee app.


Key Features of NuovoTeam Corporate Directory

NuovoTeam Corporate Directory is more than a contact book. Explore features of NuovoTeam Corporate Directory tailor-made for remote teams.

Add External Contacts

Enable addition of external, non-employee and client contacts to the corporate directory.

Sync Contact With Phonebook

Replace multiple phone books, sync phone contacts with NuovoTeam Corporate Directory.

Group Your Contacts Into Teams

Make contact navigation fuss-free, group your contacts into respective teams.

Rich Employee Profiles

Explore detailed employee information, designation, roles and other details with rich employee profile cards.

Simple Initial Setup

Enjoy the ease of setup. No complex workflows and processes.

Location Tracking

Keep an eye on the movement of your field force. Track employee location in real-time.

Employee Communication Reinvented

Bring your employees together by seamlessly integrating contact information and employee details with NuovoTeam Corporate Directory.

Boost Employee Engagement

Pave the way for employee engagement, keep your employees happy and motivated at all times.

Collaboration Becomes Easier

Enable quick sharing of files, images and other company-wide information and notifications.

Improving On-Boarding

Onboard new employees on the corporate directory and enable new employees to access coworkers with ease.

Build Better Working Relationships

Facilitate coworker information access and enhance working relationships within teams.

Better Alignment & Collaboration Across Teams

Bring clarity to work, teams and roles within the organization with detailed employee information cards.