Team Collaboration Software for Your Non-Desk Workforce

Streamline productivity, communication and collaboration for your frontline workers and non-desk employees.

Corporate Directory

Create contextual business contacts with employee details. Enable your workforce to quickly obtain details of any employee with ease. Sync business contacts with Phonebook. Identify which employees are active or inactive and keep a tab on productivity.

Clock-In / Clock-Out

Enable your frontline employees to clock in and clock out their work hours using the NuovoTeam app on their phones. Monitor employee working hours for each day, week and month to streamline payroll.

Job Schedule

Get things done faster and always be on top of the productivity of your non-desk workers. Assign tasks to any employee who is part of your Corporate Directory. Enable or disable live location tracking for individual users.


Keep a close eye on your field force. Leverage on-demand tracking with breadcrumb trail reporting. Track your fleet in real-time from the console map.

Real-time Push-to-Talk

Drive efficient communication, initiate quick group meetings and take better control of the floor with real-time Push-to-Talk by NuovoTeam. Connect to any employee or group of employees with a single click.

NuovoTeam Collaboration Software for Your Frontline Workforce

Give frontline workers seamless communication opportunities, clearer direction, and better clarity of tasks. Easily distribute tasks to any frontline location, across geographies, and remotely track progress with NuovoTeam collaboration software.

Eliminate communication problems with an all in one, single, intuitive team collaboration software. Offer your frontline employees in-depth communication and seamless task management capabilities. Enjoy a host of agile shift scheduling tools that increase employee engagement through group chats, one-on-one conversations, video calls, and Push-to-Talk functionality built natively on NuovoTeam.

Why Choose Team Collaboration Software?

Say No To Complexity

Communication should not be complicated. With NuovoTeam, all your workers can communicate & collaborate with ease- no training required for platform adoption.

Made For Frontline

NuovoTeam is designed to fill the needs of your field force. Establish a connection with your non-desk workforce over the air.

One For All

Keep all your organization-wide communication under a single application. From file sharing to contact books- we have enhanced control.