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Experience Ultra-Fast Connectivity with iPhone & Android Walkie Talkie App

Deploy our two-way walkie-talkie app to turn your employees’ Android and iOS devices into push-button walkie-talkies. Steer clear of cumbersome dialing and texting procedures. Leverage reliable communication no matter where you are!

Walkie Talkie App

Simple. Reliable. Fast.

NuovoTeam walkie-talkie app is designed to address the diverse challenges of on-field employees and extends an all-in-one solution that caters to all concerns around field communication.

Walkie Talkie Android App
Clutter-free interface

Eliminate the need to seek contact information or dial a number. NuovoTeam Walkie Talkie app extends single-step push-button connectivity.

Walkie Talkie Android App
Efficient Contact Management

Add or remove contacts, create dedicated groups, sync phonebooks, track real-time locations and explore employee profiles with ease.

Walkie Talkie Android App
Crisis Communication

Convey emergencies, alert your teams and obtain instant help with SOS communication.

Walkie Talkie Android App
Leverage Organized Connectivity

Create organization-wide channels based on teams, departments and locations to conduct context-specific conversations.

Obtain an Effortless Organization-wide Implementation

Leverage the high-performance and high-compatibility nature of the NuovoTeam walkie-talkie app. Experience easy deployment amongst your large device fleets with diverse operating systems.

Key Features of NuovoTeam Walkie Talkie App

NuovoTeam Walkie Talkie App brings to you a myriad of instant communication features available at your fingertips.

Walkie Talkie Push to talk app
Real-Time Voice Messaging

Listen to high-quality voice messages in real-time, driven over VoIP. Ideal for the noisy on-field environment.

Walkie Talkie Push to talk app
Efficient Group Meetings

Conduct prompt discussions and exchange ideas with remote teams over group calls.

Walkie Talkie Push to talk app
Advance & User-Friendly Interface

Save on-site time with an easy-to-navigate application, perfect for novice as well as expert use.

Walkie Talkie Push to talk app
Smart Device Compatibility

Compatible with all Android and iOS devices. Integrate with any device suitable for your business requirements.

Walkie Talkie Push to talk app
Live Voice Playback

Listen to voice calls live or replay the stored voice messages later with live voice playback.

Walkie Talkie Push to talk app
Exchange Business Resources

Add more value to your remote communication with text messages, images and files.

Privacy Focused Location Tracking

NuovoTeam’s intuitive dashboard acts as your command and control center that gives you the birds eye view across your devices, real-time location of your field force. Set virtual boundaries to physical locations with geofencing.

Location Report in Walkie Talkie App
Walkie Talkie chat view at android  & iOS devices

Connect with your Field force and Frontline Workers with NuovoTeam Push-to-Talk Walkie Talkie App

  • Listen to messages live or replay later

  • Enrich your voice communication with images, and files

  • Share real-time location with your team

Walkie Talkie iPhone App

One solution.
Many advantages.

A revolutionary walkie-talkie app for simplified work order management.

For on-field employees

Leverage a single-push button tool for instant connectivity with peers and remote authorities.

For SOS alerts

Empower frontline employees operating in harsh terrains to convey emergency alerts with SOS communication.

For managers and remote authorities

Convey instant decisions and process updates to your dispersed on-field workforce instantly regardless of your location.

For a hassle-free experience

Prevent cumbersome call routines! Leverage hassle-free connectivity at the hit of a button, over Wi-Fi & cellular network.

NuovoTeam Walkie Talkie App is Tailored to the Needs of Diverse Industries

NuovoTeam Walkie Talkie App helps organizations across industries to stay ahead of the curve by improving employee productivity and keeping the mobile workforce connected.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can turn your smartphones into walkie-talkies with a push-to-talk app that allows your smartphone to mimic the half-duplex transmission like a walkie-talkie. NuovoTeam is a software-based push-to-talk app that can allow users to effortlessly turn their Android, iOS or rugged smartphones into walkie-talkies.

Professional walkie-talkie apps like NuovoTeam offer businesses an intuitive dashboard to manage users, assign role-based access controls, monitor distributed teams, as well as to make direct PTT calls from the dashboard using your PC, desktop or any machine with a Chrome browser. Administrators can create and invite employees to download the NuovoTeam app and enroll their smartphones. Using the NuovoTeam dashboard, admins can also sync their corporate directory, create public and private groups and configure settings and restrictions for their teams.

There are several walkie-talkie apps available in the market. NuovoTeam is popular as a professional PTT app for Android and iOS and is known for its powerful feature. Not only is NuovoTeam easy to set up, but it also has a user-friendly interface and a minimal learning curve.

A reliable Walkie Talkie, Business Messaging and Collaboration Software with proven potential