NuovoTeam Features

Making your team communication easier, one feature at a time.

Connect to your field-force. Ensure communication and collaboration powered by NuovoTeam.

Push-to-Talk (PTT) Communication

Communicate with your team via lightning fast Push-to-Talk (PTT) Mobile app over Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Use any Device Across any Network

Mimic the functionality of traditional Walkie Talkie devices in a wide range of smartphones (Android Phones or iPhone's), rugged devices or custom/purpose-built devices.

Communication History

See all the past PTT communications and voice messages.

Corporate Directory

All your employee information, consolidated in one place. Intuitive contact management software for modern, remote teams.

Create Teams

Club employees and diverse workforce into relevant, contextual teams for easy management.


Seamlessly sync device contacts with company phonebook, add external client and stakeholder contacts with ease.

Easy to Search Contacts

Enable quick look-up contacts with filters. Dive through employee information with rich employee profiles.

Bulk Upload External Contacts

Manually add user information (either phone number or email ID) or add users in bulk by uploading a CSV for external contacts.

Desktop Push-to-Talk (PTT)

Drive quick and seamless communication between your office staff and your field workforce with Desktop PTT.

Make PTT Calls From Your Desktop

Save time on juggling between your smartphones & desktops to connect with your field workforce. Make PTT calls from any machine, PC, macOS or Linux, that has a Chrome browser.

Support for Individual & Group PTT

Make instant one-to-one desktop PTT calls to any member of your organization. Alternatively, create teams or closed channels to leverage group-specific connectivity.

Location Tracking

Follow the breadcrumbs of your field-force and non-desk employees with real-time location tracking.

Clock In & Out

Empower your employees to clock in work hours on their phones, and clock out immediately after job completion.

Live Tracker

Track employee location with live location tracker within the NuovoTeam dashboard.

Location Reports

Derive reports on location logs and always know where your field force was during work hours.

Location Setting

Leverage comprehensive location settings and bring in the customization you need for your business.


Stay in touch with your remote teams with NuovoTeam calls. Enable employee engagement with voice and video calling.

Audio Calling

Enable web app to device and device to device voice calling with NuovoTeam Connect to your contacts over VoIP calls.

Video Calling

Enable virtual interaction with video calls. Initiate video calls from the web app to devices, devices to the web app and device to device.

Easy Switch

Leave no room for miscommunication. Quickly switch between audio and video calls.


Circulate important information across your organization. Enable crisis communication with ease using NuovoTeam Newsfeed.

Text Messaging

Send important notifications and alerts to your workforce. Compose text messages up to 5000 characters and broadcast them to your entire organization on Newsfeed.

Rich-text messaging

Make your message noteworthy. Attach up to 4 images with your message and flash it on your devices with ease.

Edit or delete posts

Super Admins and Channel Admins can post, edit or delete a post within the Newsfeed.

Refresh posts

Never miss a thing! Keep a track of new posts by refreshing the newsfeed.

Passcode Policy Enforcement

Enforce passcodes on enterprise devices. Define password type and how complex the passcodes should be. Select how often the passcodes should be changed to ensure added security.

Channel Management

Make way for organization-wide communication and group chats with NuovoTeam Channel Management. Tool admins can facilitate group communication via channel management.

Public Channel

Create public channels and invite all the users in your organization to subscribe to the channel. Users can choose to subscribe or unsubscribe anytime.

Closed Channel

Create a closed channel that is visible only to select users of the organization. Users are auto-subscribed to the channel and cannot unsubscribe.

Limited Public Channel

Create a channel and invite only select users to the channel. Users can subscribe or unsubscribe anytime.

Broadcast Channel

Send important messages, alerts and notifications to multiple users at once. Create a broadcast channel and send read-only messages to your employees.

User Management

Drive efficiency and minimize employee distractions with a corporate-only communication tool. Manage users in your organization with ease.

User Details

Quickly search all users in your organization. Attain user information including their email IDs and phone numbers.

Add Users

Manually add user information one at a time or add users in bulk by uploading a CSV of user information.

Search Users

Quickly check out users belonging to your organization. Search users by name, username, email and phone number.

Manage or Remove Users

Edit user information, delete or deactivate any users from the dashboard. Remove users that are no longer associated with your organization from the tool.

Send and Resend Invitations

Select, invite and re-invite users to add them to a community.

Manage Layout

Configure the layout to display the user information. Choose to display the users in a list view or a grid view.

Configure Settings

Set limits for media file sizes that each user can share. Enable/disable the actions users can perform on messages.


Get quick insights into your inventory and how it is used. Get details on your teams, their total working hours, and attendance reports in a GX format.


Take a quick look at the number of users enrolled on NuovoTeam. Get information on your team’s working hours, different communication channels, and organization admins.


Check attendance records of your entire organization. Get attendance records on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. You can also customize attendance records.

Team Monitoring

Monitor the total working hours of your team members. Get an overview of total teams and the number of users on NuovoTeam.

Admin Dashboard

Take control over the efficiency of your organization-wide communication. Save excess data costs, ensure internal communication stays secure and improve employee productivity.

Contact Management

Add, update, deactivate and delete corporate contact lists and pre-populate them on the devices within the NuovoTeam App. All non-corporate contacts will be automatically prevented from NuovoTeam Communication.

License Management

Purchase licenses for NuovoTeam usage. Track previous purchases and transaction records on the dashboard.

Profile Management

Manage user profile details such as profile pictures, avatars or the users.

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Grant specific employees access to various permissions on the NuovoTeam dashboard based on their role in the company.

Use Defined System Roles

Add, update, deactivate and delete corporate contact lists and pre-populate them on the devices within the NuovoTeam App. All non-corporate contacts will be automatically prevented from NuovoTeam Communication.

Create Custom Roles

Create custom roles with visibility & access permissions set as per your need and assign them to admins.