Push-To-Talk App by NuovoTeam

Communicate on the get-go with NuovoTeam Push-to-talk App (PTT).
Simply push to connect and talk to your diversely distributed field force and
frontline workers.

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Keep Your Teams Together

With NuovoTeam Push-to-talk App, your frontline teams can communicate over voice
messaging that is available at their fingertips.

Voice Chat

Voice chat with multiple people at once, save precious field time.

Cost Control

Reduce company costs spent on cellular, long distance calls.

Better Call Management

Enable employee engagement with voice and video calling.

Increased Convenience

Eliminate the need to seek contact information or dialling a number.


Key features of NuovoTeam Push-To-Talk App

NuovoTeam understands the diverse needs of field employees and effectively
resolves the concerns around field communication with its robust set of features.

Real-Time Voice Messaging

Tap and get started. Clear, disturbance-free communication every single time driven over VoIP.

Efficient Group Meetings

Get your remote team together. Hop on a group call and pass on critical business information without any delay.

Advance & User-Friendly Interface

Easy to navigate application. No frills and complexity, perfect for novice as well as expert use.

Smart Device Compatibility

Compatible with all Android and iOS devices. Pick the device you find the most useful for your business needs.

Live Voice Playback

Ensure your conversation chains are maintained well within your workforce & connect to multiple employees at once.

Exchange Business Resources

Make your communication more relevant. Send text messages, pictures and files.

Extend enhanced employee and customer experience in real-time with Voice Messaging in Push-To-Talk App.

  • Listen to messages live or later

  • Enrich your voice communication with images, and files

  • Share real-time location with your team

Push To Talk App

Bring Speed and Fluidity to Your Frontline
Conversations with our Push-To-Talk App