Ultrafast and Secure PTT Over Cellular Solution

Experience Push-to-Talk Over Cellular/LTE

Cellular networks such as LTE bolster corporate communications.
Empower your deskless workforce to leverage ultra-fast connectivity
with push-to-talk over cellular/LTE.

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Talk with Anyone, Anywhere

Connect with your worldwide distributed fieldforce or deskless teams within split seconds! With NuovoTeam Push-to-Talk (PTT) Over Cellular/LTE simply push a button and experience instant connectivity without any ringing or dialing steps.

1-1 & 1-Many

You can conduct a 1-1 and 1-Many PTT call with any member of your organization regardless of the device type.

Auto-play Live Voice

Keep focus on your work as messages are played automatically when they are received.

Offline Message Recording

Even if you are disconnected, you can record messages and they are sent automatically once connection is available.

Text, photos, videos, and location

Make your communication more meaningful. Send text messages, photos, videos, documents and location.

The Only Push to Talk Solution Over Cellular/LTE with Voice Call*

*Voice Calling is supported via VoIP

Multi-Device Support Over Any Network

Supporting Wide-range of Devices Your Workforce Depend Upon.

The Highest Audio Quality: NuovoTeam Push to Talk Over Cellular/LTE Software provides high audio quality even on low bandwidth connections.

Any Device or Network: Let distance not be a barrier to effective communication. NuovoTeam PTT Over Cellular/LTE app runs seamlessly on Wi-Fi and cellular networks including 3G, 4G and 5G to keep you connected at all times.

Simple Interface: Our clutter-free Command & Control Centre (Console) and user friendly mobile app inferface makes NuovoTeam PTT Over Cellular(PoC) Solution extremely easy to use for your workforce.

Command and Control Centre for Operational Efficiency

NuovoTeam’s intuitive dashboard acts as your command and control centre that gives you the birds-eye view across your devices, location of your field force and enables admins and managers to access PTT over Cellular(PoC) functionality directly from their dashboard.

NuovoTeam Command Center
Desktop Push-To-Talk (PTT) over Cellular/LTE

No more shuffling between your desktop and smartphone for instantaneous communication. NuovoTeam Desktop PTT enables admins and managers to access PTT Over Cellular/LTE functionality directly from their dashboard.


Use NuovoTeam Channel Management to create unlimited Channels and collaborate with your team. Channels help teams connect, communicate and collaborate with each other.

Emergency Alerts
via SOS Channel

Relay critical information in times of crisis with NuovoTeam’s SOS Channels. Initiate a 10-second PTT call followed by the employee’s current location pin.

Industry Leading Push to Talk Over Cellular Solution

Key Benefits of NuovoTeam Push-to-Talk (PTT) Over Cellular/LTE App

NuovoTeam PTT Over Cellular/LTE app is designed to improve communication and coordination between the field workforce and the frontline employees with their respective crew members and supervisors from wherever they are.

Instant Connection

NuovoTeam does not let you waste a single minute in tedious direct dialing protocols. Experience ultra-fast press-button connectivity anytime, anywhere.

Access Anywhere

No more struggling with poor audio quality and low coverage. NuovoTeam offers Push-to-Talk over cellular /LTE networks for clear and uninterrupted communication.

Secured Communication

Move past non-secure radio networks and unreliable communication platforms. Leverage NuovoTeam’s 128-bit encrypted communication for secure information exchange.

Easy Implementation

You can install NuovoTeam effortlessly on your Android, iOS and rugged smartphones or on custom-built devices. You can also leverage web-based PTT calls straight from your desktop.

Better Management

Connect with your colleagues 1-1, or leverage group discussions with the NuovoTeam PTT Over Cellular/LTE app. Create public and private channels to securely connect with multiple users.


Avoid investing in multiple communication tools or dedicated devices. NuovoTeam is a cost-effective and intuitive communication platform that empowers businesses with streamlined field communication.

Privacy Focused Location Tracking

NuovoTeam’s intuitive dashboard acts as your command and control center that gives you a bird’s-eye view across your devices and the real-time location of your field force. Set virtual boundaries to physical locations with Geofencing.


NuovoTeam is More than Just a Push-to-Talk Solution.
It’s a Communication Suite

The complete platform for Push-to-Talk, Over Cellular/LTE messaging, video calls, Corporate directory, location tracking and much more.

Communication - Keep mobile workforce connected with Push-to-Talk (PTT) & Business Messaging

Collaboration - Enhance productivity and collaboration mobile workforce and non-desk employees


Go beyond voice communication. Instantly send, receive, forward and edit text messages.

VoIP & Video Call

Take your voice communication to the next level with VoIP and video calls.

Employee Attendance

Keep track of your employees' attendance. Carefully monitor the clock-In & clock-Out details.

Corporate Directory

Consolidate all your contacts and sync your phonebook with your corporate directory.


Turn your Smartphones into a Walkie Talkie with NuovoTeam PTT Over Cellular/LTE App

Communicate on the go with NuovoTeam PTT Over Cellular/LTE App. We support a wide range of devices ranging from smartphones to Rugged and custom PTT devices to iOS devices over any network connection.

NuovoTeam is Tailored to the Needs of
Diverse Industries

NuovoTeam helps organizations across industries to stay ahead of the curve by improving employee productivity and keeping the mobile workforce connected.

A reliable Push-to-Talk,Over Cellular/LTE, Business Messaging and Collaboration Software with proven potential