Team Communication App for Remote Employees

Effortless Team Communication App Built for Remote Teams. Help your remote teams come together virtually. Deliver a prompt chain of communication between remote employees and help them stay productive with NuovoTeam.

Why Choose Team Communication App?

Say No To Complexity

Communication shouldn’t be complicated. With NuovoTeam, all your employees can communicate, and collaborate with ease- no training required for platform adoption.

Made For Frontline

NuovoTeam is designed to suit the needs of your field-force. Establish a connection with your frontline workforce over the air.

One For All

Keep all your organization-wide communication under a single application. From file sharing to contact books- have enhanced control.

Salient Features of NuovoTeam Team Communication Software

NuovoTeam makes communication fun and easy. Explore the key features of NuovoTeam that help remote teams across the globe to coordinate better and faster.

One-on-one Chats

Send and receive instant text messages. Forward and edit messages, delete sent messages and mark important messages with message flags.

VoIP & Video Calling

Hop on a call with your peers and employees. Use VoIP calling to connect to business contacts.


Send company-wide alerts and updates to notify your geographically distributed teams with message broadcasting.


Exchange business documents, images, voice notes and files over encrypted instant messaging.

Leverage Channel Management for Group Chats

Converge your diverse teams and bring them together with Group Chats. Create contextual channels specific to teams and locations. Initiate organization-wide channels to drive HR and crisis communication so that no employee ever feels left out!

Channel Management