Instant Messaging App

Re-invent team communication and collaboration With A Secure Instant Messaging Application

Enable your workforce to exchange messages, files, documents and communicate over VoIP calls with NuovoTeam Instant Messaging App.

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Contribute to Employee Engagement with NuovoTeam Channel Management

Bolster team relations and employee motivation while remote working. Initiate group chats with Channel management to drive organization-wide communication.

  • Create channels and invite users to subscribe

  • Choose from 4 different channel types

  • Turn any channel into-read only for crisis communication

  • Deactivate/delete channels when not used

Public Channel

Open channel, users can subscribe or unsubscribe anytime.

Closed Channel

Closed channel where users are automatically subscribed.

Limited Public Channel

Open channel for a group of users, users can subscribe or unsubscribe.

Broadcast Channel

Read-only channel designed to shoot-out updates, alerts and notifications.